January 11, 2018


“David went through all my financials, assessed my business equipment and real estate. He asked a lot of questions, so he could really have a good understanding of my business. After many days of research and calculations he came up with his valuation of what he thought my business would sell for and it was higher than mine. His commission was also lower than the others I had met with.

David explained, in detail, his process to get a business sold and for top dollar. He was going to work relentlessly until we achieved our goal.

I did list with David Weber and my business did sell in a reasonable time and for top dollar. Problems will arise during most any sale, some could kill the sale. David immediately resolved any problems we had to keep the whole process moving forward. David was at the closing and worked with me and the buyer for weeks to make for a smooth transaction for both parties. This is unheard of. Most brokers will get their money and just move to the next deal.

In the end, everyone was happy. The new owner is doing well. I would highly recommend David Weber if you have a business or commercial real estate to sell.”

“When the time came to sell my business, I interviewed several business brokers. I knew what my business was worth even though they were telling me it was worth less than that. They basically glanced through my financials and came up with their valuation in ten minutes, telling me they would pitch it to many other brokers and advertise it for sale. I got the feeling they wanted the listing for a quick sale. My business, that I had spent 40 years building, was going to be put in a big pot with the hopes that someone would sell it and the brokers would share the commission, which was quite high.

I contacted my CPA, got some numbers on how much I should anticipate paying in taxes, calculated the brokers commission and other fees associated with the sale to get a real number of what I would walk away with after taxes. Now I knew the number that I would agree to sell for.

I had known David Weber for about 30 years through a mutual friend. I ran in to him one day after not seeing him for years, we talked and quickly caught up. It must have been fate. He was selling businesses and commercial real estate and I had a business and commercial real estate I wanted to sell.

Upon meeting with David, it was very apparent from the start that he had a world of knowledge and experience. He was very easy to talk to, understood how much pride I had in my business and that this was basically my retirement.”

Jon, President